As a bodyworker since 1987 and a certified Alexander teacher, I work mostly with injuries due to accidents and/or repetitive stress syndromes. My tablework helps the body heal and restore itself to its natural state of health.

I teach the Alexander Technique and practice the Lauren Berry Method of spinal and extremity alignment, which allows the skeleton to resume proper mechanics. Orthopedic Medical Soft Tissue Massage Mobilization is another method which repositions muscles, tendons, and ligaments and lengthens and releases the fascia.

I have taken advanced courses with Jean Pierre Barral, the French osteopath who developed Visceral Manipulation, a modality that works to release adhesions in and around the organs and to return them to their optimal functioning. This work integrates beautifully with CranioSacral Therapy, which addresses one of the deepest rhythms in the body.

I am passionately interested in health and well being and in assisting my clients to their own ongoing optimum wellness.

My clients range from infants to seniors to professional athletes, performing artists, business men and women, teenagers and an occasional pet or farm animal.

Jack Eiman


Specializing in:

  • relief from musculoskeletal pain including chronic low back, neck and shoulder pain
  • stress reduction
  • restoring balance in activity
  • recovering good posture without strain
  • healing sports injuries
  • clearing repetitive stress syndromes
  • meeting tension and anxiety with presence and consciousness