The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a way of learning to move mindfully through life. The Alexander process shines a light on inefficient habits of movement and patterns of accumulated tension, which interferes with our innate ability to move easily and according to how we are designed. It’s a simple yet powerful approach that offers the opportunity to take charge of one’s own learning and healing process, because it’s not a series of passive treatments but an active exploration that changes the way one thinks and responds in activity. It produces a skill set that can be applied in every situation. Lessons leave one feeling lighter, freer, and more grounded.


The Lauren Berry Method

In the 1930's, Lauren Berry, R.P.T., learned a form of Finnish Osteopathy and practiced it very successfully for fifty years in Northern California. During the course of his intense clinical experience with his patients, his work evolved into what is now called the Lauren Berry Method.

Lauren Berry practitioners aim to align the skeleton through connective tissue stretches which restore bio-mechanical functioning, reposition the muscles and tendons, release ligaments, open and rebalance joints, and normalize organ function. We respect the innate intelligence of the body and consider ourselves "body mechanics" -- helping the body to return to its natural state of health.


CranioSacral Therapy

The craniosacral system is characterized by rhythmic, mobile activity which persists throughout life. This craniosacral rhythm occurs throughout the body and is distinctly different from the physiological motions which are related to breathing and cardiovascular activity.

Craniosacral work encourages the body, mind and spirit to return to a simpler and more balanced way of being. Using very light touch the practitioner is able to feel, assess and influence the cerebrospinal environment to decompress, expand, become more flexible and release long stored emotions and trauma.

We are organized around our central nervous system and brain. Everything that has happened to us is recorded in our cellular memories; traumas add layers of compensations that drain and drag on our basic energy. CranioSacral Therapy releases tissue memory and helps restore us to our simple, healthful and useful patterns. The body can then profoundly relax into a clearer and stronger energetic radiance.


Orthopedic Medical Soft Tissue Massage Mobilization

Orthopedic Massage works primarily as a sports massage modality lengthening connective tissue, releasing entrapped nerves, and reestablishing the muscle tissues to their proper soft tissue runners. In conjunction with other modalities it is highly effective in reversing injuries due to accidents and repetitive stress movement patterns. 


Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation was developed by French Osteopath Jean Pierre Barral and is currently taught and practiced world wide in the most advanced health clinics.

The visceral system relies on the interconnection between the motion of the organs and the other structures of the body. At optimal health, this relationship remains harmonious despite the body's endless varieties of motion. But when one organ cannot move in harmony with its surroundings due to abnormal tone, adhesions or displacement, it works against the body's other organs and muscular, membranous, fascial and osseous structures.

This disharmony creates fixed, abnormal points of tension that the body is forced to move around. That creates chronic irritation which, in turn, paves the way for disease and dysfunction.

By using specific techniques, therapists can evaluate how abnormal forces interplay, overlap and affect the normal forces at work. The goal is to help the body's normal forces remove abnormal effects, whatever their sources. Those effects can be global, encompassing many areas of bodily function. Often visceral restrictions, when released, allow the biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system to normalize.