$110 per session

Having learned the Alexander Technique, I have an invaluable skill for life. Jack is a great, clear teacher.
— K.R.
Jack’s quality of touch needs no improvement.
— S.S.
He’s an optimist, and his agenda for my body matches mine: to keep it youthful and fully functioning.
— R.M.
I appreciate his working directly with my body while being open to discuss what he is doing when I ask. My sessions with Jack inspire a healthier lifestyle and help point the way.
— C.H.
His knowledge of the body is advanced, and his practical work excellent in the realm of correcting dysfunctional patterns. Everyone should have Jack in their life. If you have a body, it just makes sense. He’s worked with my dog as well!
— J.Z.
I have been working with Jack for over 10 years, and his ability to help the body balance itself is excellent. His energy and skill set are commanding, comforting and most of all effective with chronic and acute dysfunctions.
— J.T.
Jack really wants to solve the dilemma, and he has a great gift of healing and knows A LOT and has MANY varied skills and applications.
— R.K.
Jack taught me the Alexander Technique for which I am deeply grateful. I have no more neck pain and move in balance with ease.
— M.J.
I feel like I have avoided neck surgery due to my work with Jack.
— G.S.
Jack is a good communicator and friendly-yet-professional. He is a good listener, and there is good continuity from session-to-session. My body and life are much healthier for receiving this work through the years.
— J.B.
I am sure his work is worth more than he charges, but I appreciate that it is affordable enough that I can benefit from his practice every other week.
— M.C.
I always feel better after seeing Jack and confident that my main issues are on a path toward resolution.
— H.C.
Jack has studied extensively and is always in class with his teachers and mentors, and I feel like I am getting the cutting edge of manual therapy when I see him.
— M.H.
He creates a very grounded, meditative environment in his practice room where it is easy for clients to relax and feel safe.
— J.B.
He calls his work ‘being a body mechanic,’ and he works better on fascia then any body worker I know. He keeps good records to which he refers.
— C.H.